I Have Insurance, But My Deductible Its Too High

If you have water soaking into your precious flooring and walls, but your insurance deductible is too much for you to handle, then call us right now!


Homeowners/Property insurance is a much needed product and can bring you peace of mind. However, not all insurance policies are built the same. Each is tailor-made to the family, the property, and the needs of the client.

A high deductible is sometimes selected by the insured to save money. But when a disaster like water overflow or a burst pipe happens, your deductible may be something that you cannot handle at this moment. Rhino Cleaning & Restoration understands that economic times are tough for many, so we have created a deductible discount program where you can receive up to $500 cash back towards your deductible.

Of course you well know that some restrictions may apply and any restriction will be discussed at the time of your water damage evaluation. It simply works like this… You agree to permit Rhino Cleaning & Restoration to handle both the water removal and the restoration of your property, and Rhino Cleaning & Restoration will cover up to $500 toward your deductible. 

How can we do this? We have our own team of carpet installers, drywall installers, painters, electricians, plumbers, etc. This allows us to save money by avoiding General Contractors (the middleman). Since we perform the work with our own licensed and bonded crews, we in turn pass on the savings to you.

Therefore, your damage must require extensive work. Obviously if your damage is less than your insurance deductible, this offer would not be applicable. But we could still work with your budget. So call right now for your free evaluation (210)880-4379. We can be there in approximately 45 minutes.