Will Your Insurance Cover The Loss?

If you choose the wrong company, your insurance adjuster may not cover some of your losses.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is calling their regular carpet cleaning company, not certified or fully experienced for major water extraction and flooding.

The reason why is because 98% of the companies will just extract the water from the top layer of the carpet. This is not acceptable.

First, the longer THE PAD under your carpet stays wet/moist, the more it will actually “hold on” to the moisture. The Pad is notorious for this and even pet owners notice when their carpet is cleaned, pet odors are more prevalent because urine, feces, and dander have been trapped in the pad. Imagine what happens to the padding after a major water spill?

The padding creates an artificial habitat (dark and moist) for mold and mildew to grow and to spread.

Therefore, after the main water has been extracted, an evaluation of the pad is critical to determine if it can be dried from specialty driers that go underneath the carpeting or if the carpet needs to be lifted and the padding removed.

We will remove unusable padding immediately. This prevents the fast growing mold spores to take root and stops infestation dead in its tracks. You do not want to be kicked out of your house for several weeks or even months just to have mold removed. We can protect your family by acting quickly to stop this common fast spreading health hazard, because we know how and are certified to do so.

The second biggest mistake is failing to properly measure the moisture levels of the baseboards and Sheetrock with the proper instruments and techniques.

If moisture accumulates past a certain threshold in your baseboards and Sheetrock, then regardless of how dry you and your carpet cleaner thinks it is, your walls will disintegrate, warp and harvest mold and mildew in a very short time.

We will measure the moisture in the walls using the proper and certified instruments and techniques, and if need be we will stop the slow deterioration of your home, fast by removing the baseboards and Sheetrock that are already beyond saving.

Thermal Imaging cameras in the hands of our trained team members can provide immediate assessment of wet building materials on our water damage restoration projects helps to minimize property damage insurance claims throughout Austin, Tx


“Adib showed me and my wife the moisture  in the sheet rock and we were surprised at how high up the wall the water had gotten […] they removed the damaged Sheetrock and even our adjuster was impressed at the way everything was handled…”

– Jaime and Isabel Gage San Antonio, TX

So why would your insurance company not cover some of your losses?

Look at your insurance contract. You will find in your contract leagalease language that you are responsible for acting quickly, submitting your claim in a “timely manner”, and taking all required steps to mitigate the loss.

If you fail to accomplish one or more of these requirements, then you can imagine the loopholes that your insurance company may go through to save money for themselves (not you).

That is why you need someone like us to remediate your water and flood situation so your insurance company has nowhere to run except their checkbook to cover the loss.

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